Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Praying at the Alters of anArk

Who is the creator I serve?

"Stay by my side, the forest said, the garden planet, our home."

It is that we build our anARK, that a perspectives set of the garden belief is.

It is that we are to be Shepard among the flocks; not the devastators of; Our duty is to the defense of garden and her flocks; always. +Templar of anArk 2017

Thou shalt not kill; less a challenge from another killer. Moral: Kill only for survival and garden defense; The flocks will not have judgement and need no forgiveness.

We are not required to gain forgiveness from the churches assaulting our land and people. +anARK


anARK: I found god when I discovered how old the planet is, how old the environment is, and the flocks god works with.
For anARK, we pray in the direction of our birth; in this territory or an other; on this planet surface, or an other.


Should we choose between our garden which is for billions of years, and men, who have been for only a fraction of that number... When challenged with a conflict between two nations which could unset (loss of orbit) our world; Which would you choose? That which is divine, with flock, and from which men were born into; or would you choose those other men. The wrath of an Archa, the armies of 198 Nations with defense of garden, our heaven among those desolate places we see in the telescopes, has only begun to show their strength with action. While our scientists look to other gardens with dreams of becoming frontier pioneers again... it is, and will always be, our duty to serve this garden planet.

Do not set fire to the woods during a dispute.

There are over 2 trillion galaxies in the local visible universe; each with a number of stars. Men are only beginning to see the forest, and the tree of life they are learning to defend.

A Treaty of an Ark

My time is seen from within and away from the arch of my flesh; a | measure include the shape of vessel ot vessel where the continuous PEARLs of an Ark environment and life are measurable with a model defined. Point and Environment is where we live, life is what we are, luminated on a u line, our service perspective is earned.


A perspective construction of belief, anArk.

Please select your location (An Inconvenient mess still logically under construction)

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
technology enabling the fellow to survive the flesh

an Ark +Religion, is the construction of belief. This is termed A+R. There are many Arktypes represented among the Religions. The representation of symbol suggest that we set a symbol or point in the center sphere where it represents that surface and the sphere taking the shape of the religious symbol or point. The additional spheres take also the shape of the symbol or point, representing the shape of time light at some interval distances around each set inside. This model is considered a tool with many uses, called a Ruler and PMTM Model. This are a Part of a Perspective model for an Observation of an Ark government. This single perspective is only one of an unlimited number of others with different data of a same point. Contribute your perspective for Ark as a progressively accurate Perspective Model. AN is use with meaning
"marker position"

That with the information available at the palm of my hand, I can hold the stars of the night sky to see.

A reference to the Perspectives of Ark: Consider any symbol of a religion in your hand; It has both Light and shadow around it that are part of a point specific time light model. The Arts are found with Ark.


Among people, that agreement of prosperity, is an alter.

Environmental Life an Prosperity Agreements
+ elluminous
Environmental Life
an Prosperity Agreements;
an is with perspective
as reference
to a prosperity
agreement with
a luminous
PEARL models


Of heavens and hells, those rules among the +Religions which let some through the gates, and not others, are meant that we build the sort of communities we aspire, even after passing. A natural belief suggests a chance the person will become a spirit, without much consideration for right or wrong, or the +R from which we speak knowledgeably about the topics. With such consideration, illumuel are intelligent construction among spirits, and ellumuel are those which are naturally born, both might serve Environment and Life as EL, luminous by O and moon, and for the gods to see. The time light Continuum show us at distance from the planet the actions of men for millenniums and more, where if not for deception, it tel a continuous truth of our actions to be interpreted. Our societies are only beginning to tel the universe of that which men are learning to become capable. Of which, a disbelief for defense, is the natural end for us all. +anArk.


The official style at my perspective is "instrumental" variety and "epic choir"
This can be found with a search.
Musical Selection: Koufu up a demon


Listen it's and evil, look at all the people, take that shit from no one, be a friend for mike, summon up a demon, summon up a demon, looking at the steeple, look at all these people. Listen it's the demon's, khufu [koufu] up a demon, take that shit from no one... [art]

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