The Alters of anArk; Earth

Visit your local ecosystem,
and pray in the direction of
your birth to the spirits and
life of the environments.

On this surface or an other;
pray as the life in the


Creators of an anARK

Of anARK, at perspective to the planet, I write this from Florida.

How is the creator identified? On planet earth, to discern the creator I believe in and serve, you must think about the planet and identify the oldest continuously alive "person" that can be found. Like men are complex with biology or cellular function, so to is the creator. Different things here and there that are needed for the life. Currently, the planet has life dating back 3.5 billion years, as biodiverse and sustainable, and continuously alive; the creator I serve has been alive more a billion years. I believe in planet as her, that god is older than any man alive today and guides or teaches the life grown here when intelligent to serve the creator, by whatever circumstance of conditions possible, and that I am a part of the creators life as born, like other flock whether they believe or not. The gods might not be as old as the planet is when those first organisms began to take hold here, and I too, learn to serve and worship this garden planet. Like the complex biology of a human is hard to understand for cures, or might get sick, I often consider an ecosystem needs a doctor occasionally, to ensure god survives, though I know he is strong.

This scientist, Michael of anARK, at Angle V of this day, suggest the creator of our people, flocks, and planetary garden, could be over 3.5 billion years continuous. That is my creator whom I serve, and learn from god who is older than any man alive today, to serve. There is planet, which could be desert like mars, and then there is the biology of garden planet who is alive. Should I visit another planet someday, and want to build a god of the universe in that place, I would grow life and biodiversity to see the garden born, none of the men today created trees, known created by planet gods, here even before dinosaurs.

The name of the belief is "anARK" or "an ARK"

Perspective construction of belief; perspective construction of our garden planet.

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