An Arkist
(like the last couple decades, anyone can volunteer to help me work to build and do research. My name is michael, i am an Ark Catholic.)

!!! This section will begin to assemble and describe to path to becoming an arkist of one type of another. And among roles for achieving among the governances and as a self, that i have found. This is not limited, and is not presented as scripture, rather a work of discovery and contoiuous update to presentation by one perspective of another. !!!

--> A natural belief, our ark of life, earth and arch of life, self and environment, planet. 
--> the angels are indicated. 
--> first assortment of temples is being explored for reconstruction among belief. (the old gods did not die, if it makes sense, dubbed "masquerade of heaven and popular belief."
--> Topic of aspiration, anark to an (a natural) arkist (anarka)
    --> Churches
            --> the beleif anarch (look up ARCH synonyms and antonyms.
            --> Achieve has an ark catholic, arkist, or more.
            --> Each bible or erewligious belief of earth can aspire as ark+r.)
    --> Garden planet defense
            --> anark, refernce to garden life. Aspiration as ark. What is direction for protection of ark of life.
--> Zodiac, reaosoning
    --> Calendars (assemble the zodiac around yourself. This is done with your birthday. These animals are your flock of strength and are different combination for just about everyone. Use Zodiac animals from multiple calendars. Use the typical european, american indian, or chinese and other zodiacs of tribes. Example, RAM and GOAT is my chinese animal zodiac symbol, bull is european zodiac, the raven is an native american zodiac, for may 14 1979, and these must be understood and acquired by the person as knoweldge from visitation. )
--> Ark +R (ark catholic, christian, muslim, greek and roman, norse, etc.,)
--> Ark Beleif (the natural planet, and th epreservation of the arch of life.)
--> Natural interpretation (RULE, tiume, and more observation over long periods.)
--> Aspiring as an arkist 
    --> Tools section, compass of shadow and light reltive to the compass of the governments. Other uses, belief of government is aspired at my perspective.
    --> The direction for achievement is indicated. learning to navigate anark.)
--> Symbology
    --> Infinte unknown. Varies by individual and interpretation, use or description of worn item and jewelry. Not neccessariliy inscribed.
It is possible to be king of garden planet as an arkist? YES.
(example, "chemtrail planes" hurt the garden, activity might be considered an synonym and antonym of ARCH, aspiration to defend garden wildlife and environemtns is which direction among nations and churches as indidivual, we each start anark, and then aspire as an arkist.)(from the book of kings of an ark.)

Other topics assmebled

--> elluminous (charter is here.)
--> governments (, small presentation)
--> ark religion
--> court services
--> Temples (early evaluations or assessments)
--> alters (ealry evaluations and assessments) 
--> Earn your Second heart (life after death, as an arkist defending earth; join us, one of the most capable world government teams, and we teach you how.)

Links to be considered here... 
(not yet determined for inclusion while filling out the information and providing early construction concepts.) 
(World Government, Seat 1, Florida) --> This seat can consist later of any number of persons managing it. I am still determining how to build the seat in florida, for GoA; (construction) (belief) (spark)
government (leadership)
(the foundation of the RULE, at my perspective, not all are the same.) (rule)

Compass of light government

Compass of shadow government
(that each flag of earth cast our shadow. (because it is made of mass!)

Michael, Fellow
--> aspiring arkitect (construction of belief)
--> aspiring architect (construction of government)
--> aspiring arcitect (construction of spark)
        --> need to pick what im good at.

This section will include notes and audio conversation on each topic already made. This belief has been developing since highschool, in the 1990s. What is indicated here is an attempt to make a public presentation. I first thouyght about registering the government of anarchy in the 1990s when the humans made it for sale. Then again, in 2000ish, and in 2014, purchased the government from the world for less than 4 us dollars. Some change. (over 100hrs of audio and severla thousand pages of notes since the 1990s will be included here where asked.)

Early definitions

Accomplishemtns to date

1. We have told a RULE to each of earths science laboratories. YES. (theory of
2. We have indicated the elluminous to each of earths governments. YES. (elluminous)
3. We are indicating how to key the arkist to each of earths beliefs as dictionary term. YES. (anark to arkist)
4. The elluminous seat in florida is the first to have a charter. YES.
5. Much has been done over the last 20 years. Just ask.

Involvement to Date

1. Over 103 nations of earth are involved. YES. We have over 10,000 unique visitors a month and the site is translated into 103 languages across IP tracking and geolocation.