The Alters of anArk; Earth

Visit your local ecosystem,
and pray in the direction of
your birth to the spirits and
life of the environments.

On this surface or an other;
pray as the life in the


Calender of events

We attend to mass, August 12th, 2017;Meteorite Shower on this day.

The days of each Mass, we celebrate our survival, as the earth gets fatter counted among the clockwork of our star, planets, and moons, fed in the solar system of our local star and stars group. The dinosaurs, have seen so many a mass, as bones to some depth. That among men and flock, we each among our numbers are our strength on this planet, in our solar system, and in this universe, to survive. Born and forged from the workshops of gods and eternities, that life on our planets, adds also, mass. From seed to tree, to nutrition at our feet and the air we breath, that we defend our creation, as we are each born. Of rock and water, we celebrate a little of each on these days. Like the earth has grown from a small mass, so have we, bigger with distance in time, we eat and drink.

+Fellow Michael of anArk 2017

We attend to mass October 21st, 2017; Meteorite Shower on this day.

Michael of anArk 2017

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