Government of an Ark
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"We Govern ourselves for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Praying at the Alters of anArk

Who is the creator I serve?

These are official statements and documents; subject to correction and amendment. Please note, Ark is a progressive understanding and I should Contribute to it, so that we might all benefit from an understanding the governance of an Ark. The choice of this cross for display is T and V, and where the "V" is relative to my "T" time on earth as the here and now, and showing that point where light, radio, and energy reflects or is abosorbed by a piece of mass at time.

The government of belief, as anArk Catholic, and my perspective as an individual of the natural garden planet at some position. Where arch means "of construction," and refers to that governing construction of belief. The defense of our ark, known as the garden planet, requires we resolve issues dangerous to environment, and has resulted in the creation of the first public chapter of an elluminous organization, and working with the illuminous organization. The first illuminous organization assembled by this fellow of anArk was in 2006, and represented 320 members. The second is the elluminous, and where required is environment for the survival of all flock and mankind. It is known that intelligence among living or animate things is required for survival in the environment of which we recognize among nations, seas, skies, and more; that not each intelligence is alike. Intelligence and environment enable a success for species, and thus our work as fellow tries to understand how this interaction can be applied to our belief, selves, actions, businesses, towns, and cities, to encourage a sustainable planetary environment.

What is the difference between the Christians, Muslims, Islam, Buhdist and others, that of those men declaring the strict beief, to be of an ARK, or as an ARK Catholic or more?
  • The Ark of Life for the christians, di lamb or muslims, is held in secret and protected vt of the Templar with their profits and some words of their god.
  • The Ark of Life for an ARK, or as an Ark Catholic, is Planet Earth. We understand god from different perspective, ot unassisted by technology made by men. The templar of our belief protect the planet, her environments, and life. Our belief is that observation of earth in our vicinity, and from orbit, of the oldest single living observation we can make in the solar system for continuously alive; and like me, among those organizisms that are part of our belief in planet, her and as creation, we are part of our god like the mosquitos, birds, insects and more.
  • The Government of an ARK, the Government of an ARK of Life; is the defense of this planet. I am sworn to serve with my life for that defense; I have accepted the oath of rule older than mankind.


represented light when first drawn, the bottom line is near an on sea on c container

"From planet was born the garden and life, elluminated by a natural RULE."

"That this point has a Garden of Gods, Animals, and Man; Among stars."

"When debating uLINE additives, it is wiser to be cautious of a dangerous RULE."

"That defense of the garden, her territories, flocks and environments,
is an honor without gifted forgiveness. It is earned with the dignity of response."

"I am an Anima+l of his flocks, anIma Arch with Life.
A perspective animated of construction with life."

A Natural

"Arch is my own"

Not each person is exactly identical, and like each of the flock is unique in someway as little as personality, born of creator and our parents, with our construction, our arch, we are granted intelligence and consciousness. The construction of a natural person including action, sense, and more, is my own. Wear your genes as they were intended. an Arch angel or Spirit is named as such, of shown shape like thier origin construction.

"Voice is my own"

The voice of my construction is my own; specificaly the information produced of one communication type or another. Most of the flock and men have methods of audible and inaudible communication. The voice is speech or visible communication, can be any information output, and occasionally these can be comoflouged.

"Sight is my own"

The sight of a person, or flock member, is its own. This among men and animals, and those creatures who do not see the same way as men, but still have sight.

"Ark is my own"

The construction of my belief, is my own; a natural ark; anArk. This among animals and men.

"Continuum is my own"

My contiuum is own. Each member of the flock, and all of visible to man creation, and that which is not, radio or light reflect from our skins and is known as a continuum of information. In any volume of space, an infinite unknown number of data points for adjecent objects can exist in motion, and from each the skin of man and creation reflects light, that we each can see one another. (ref. Swearing on the continuum.)

"Perspective is my own"

The eyes of each man and creature, as interpreted by the mind, and with the position of a point relative to another point, contribute to perspective. Each thing or object alive or not, whether it can interpret the information near to it or not, has a perspective that is its own; and where intelligent, consiting of multiple sense, including creation like plants, microbes, and insects.

A Natural

Arch is not a crime;
My construction is my own.

Sight is not a crime;
My Sight is my own.

Voice is not a crime;
My Voice is my own.

Survival is not a crime;
My defense is my own.

My Perspective Construction of Belief is my anARK.

Consider these before they are given or required by an other.

Learn More and contribute!

The belief is young of this day, and is slowly becoming better stated, more precise, and more solid a foundation o which to build. If you would like to be part of a anARK, then contact a fellow or a perspective of the belief.



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